It takes a Village to raise a Child...


Trust Profile.

Vision Statement:

Restore and Raise up our Youth and our Communities
Discover • Inspire

Our Mission:

To support marginalized individuals and groups in our community by providing relevant and cutting edge programmes and services that give them hope and a future by maximising their potential.

What is The Village?- “ takes a Village to raise a child”

The Village Community Services Trust (“The Village”) is a registered charitable trust.  It is a community based organisation lead by community leaders who are committed to serving their wider community but with a strategic focus on Pasifika and Maori communities unique needs and issues.  Legal status as a trust was granted on 13 October 2003.  The process of developing the trust started in August 2002. 

At the very heart of the organisation is the creed or kaupapa that “it takes a Village to raise a child”. Underpinning this notion is the belief that as responsible members of our community, we have a collective responsibility to play whatever part we can to reconnect the disconnected youths and individuals in our community into safe environments (“village” settings) where one can discover pathways that lead to lives operating to their full potential. To achieve this we must mobilise like minded and hearted individuals from within our communities and harness their skills, knowledge, gifting, and resources. The village is simultaneously connected to a wider “village” of complementary stakeholders and services. Through wise and prudent governance and management, a “village” of multi faceted services can optimise the resources and expertise at hand and maximise the capacity and capability to bring about real and positive change in the lives of targeted individuals and communities.

The melding together of these approaches assists in creating or affirming the individual’s self-esteem and social identity/responsibilities. By knowing who we are, we are able to find our place within our family and therefore community. The measure of quality is ultimately gauged by whether we achieve this goal and are making a difference in the community. The development of strong organisational structures through sound quality management systems is important but only effective if these systems are carried out in the spirit of the values and key principles of the Village. Quality for The Village therefore, is having both ‘structure’ and ‘spirit’ and being accountable in it’s delivery through rigorous quality management systems, and appropriate strategies to achieve our vision.

The Village’s strategy is to extend the mentoring of individual youth into effective mentoring within families, primarily in the form of parenting programmes targeting the specific and unique needs of Pasifika and Maori people. Furthermore, as part of a comprehensive educational life skills and leadership training programme using “hooks” such as sports, music and graphic arts, the creation of “community academies” are planned within the next planning phase of the Village’s latest strategic Plan.(2009-2012). As part of the kaupapa of the Village, there is a commitment to extend our services to cater for Tangata Whenua individuals and families as we grow our Maori leadership and knowledge, skills and tikanga capacity and capability. The Village believes we will see communities impacted, through allowing individuals who traditionally2 have struggled towards success in the educational system, to begin to realise their dreams for themselves and their families. Strong families, produce strong communities.

The mission of The Village is to develop and deliver targeted programmes to allow this vision come to fruition. Our desire is to see LIVES impacted – therefore a holistic approach considering the wellness of spirit, soul and body of the individual is the basis for the design of our tailor made programmes. Quality training in an appropriate cultural context, with the right mix of support and guidance and ensuring that the immediate training/vocational needs of our target group are met, together with a mix of industry based training standards, will always be at the forefront, and underpin our programmes.

The Village’s traditional service priority has been in the provision of Youth Training and Mentoring Programmes targeting (whilst not exclusively) primarily Pasifika & Maori youth .  As a consequence of our focus we also have a broad range of services targeted at Pasifika families and their communities. The Village provides:

  • An understanding of the local education sector, with a particular focus on Tertiary education; we offer pathways to allow youth at risk an opportunity to succeed in what for the majority, is their first taste of successful tertiary study.
  • Strong links within the social services sector and an understanding of successfully implementing social service Programmes for Pasifika communities.
  • A heart towards seeing Pasifika and Maori families succeed as functional  productive members of our community
  • Access to key networks within the education and social sectors. 
  • Personnel selected for their expertise in delivery of high quality social service and educational programmes, with background experience relevant to target group and organisation mission.

The Village Team delivers a holistic approach to mentoring and training, taking into account the young person’s physical, mental, social and spiritual conditions that impact and affect their decisions about future pathways – vocational and higher learning. 

The village is managed by Maliena Jones who has a strong business and community service background.

Current services provided by The Village include:

How can you contact The Village?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information, or believe that The Village can provide a tailor made service for your local community.  Please feel free to contact our office:

p 09 828 6520
a 26 Racecourse Parade, Avondale, Auckland
a P O Box 15 400, New Lynn, Auckland 0640