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VSA Sports Academy.

Curriculum Outline.

National Certificate in Sport - Level 2
Your learning will include:

  • Communicate information, both written and verbal
  • Document business transactions and write reports
  • Apply rules and regulations in competitive sport situations
  • Plan, conduct and review a coaching session
  • Participate in meetings
  • Participate in physical activities
  • Provide first aid, resuscitation and injury management
  • Apply your knowledge of anatomy to physical activity
  • Learn how nutrition affects physical activity

National Certificate Applied Sports Leadership - Level 4
Your learning will include:

  • Writing a CV (curriculum vitae);
  • Managing your own career development
  • Exploring the structure of sport organization in New Zealand;
  • Planning a beginner’s coaching session;
  • Applying basic principles of sport psychology;
  • The basics of physiology and anatomy;
  • Providing first aid and injury management;
  • Applying knowledge of nutrition to physical activity needs;
  • Assessing individual fitness;